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Lea Hawke a.k.a Shortie Champion is back!
Chatting with thin air.
They were all lies.
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Lily the deerNiclas the wolfMalika the falconAnd the firefly (probably Rebecca.)
Kids who say things bigger than themselves
I would like to give you the world But I can’t.Everyone has a weakness for love stories that end badly.
College doodles. I love them.
More of “Vous Comprends Pas Rien”Here we have Max, Franz (Francesco’s nickname) and a new character:Michael, a.k.a, Mic.- He’s the flatmate of Max and is a very introverted and silent person.- He always looks angry, but that’s just his normal expression.- He always wears a hat (Max loves to borrow them) and has a particular care for his beard and his mustache.