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Training novice, yo!  >:O
Colored version because today was a really good day :)
Look daddy! I’m the Mage Princess!Leandra Marie Hawke a.k.a Princess Templar Slayer wearing her daddys clothesBONUS
Recently I’ve reviewed the first season of GoT and every time there was Sandor I was squeaking like a fool, hahaI really like the way he protects her..A big bad looking man that can be also kind, in his own personal way.So..Here’s some happy SanSan because of reasons.
Mother, can we keep him?

Leonardo and his little cousin Ezio, what a duo!

Warm up comic with Leonardo, Salaì and Ilaria from the BCP!AU

Despite everything that could divide us, we’ll always stay together for our mother, to repay her in some way, for all the sacrifices she has made for give us a life worth living.Anya, Lera and Sasha in Brooklyn
Safety and Peace (?)A quick doodle.. I miss Malik so much :,/


when ppl reblog ur art and write nice things in the tags


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